Reconstituted Veneer: The Complete Guide

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One way to save natural resources for generations yet to come is to use recomposed or man-made materials. You might be wondering what is Reconstituted Veneer. It is nothing but reconstituted white hardwoods. Heavy smooth logs, with fewer defects, are sliced to create such veneer variety. Veneers come without cracks, bug damage, squeaks, or holes. Considering each sheet is identical when it comes to colour and grain, it makes an ideal design material.

Despite their thinness, veneers come in four key varieties- their thickness is less than 1/8th of an inch, but the type and species of wood employed differ from one veneer to another. Reconstituted veneer offered by Construction Suppliers in Dubai comes under the rotary cut, the cheapest veneer option. During the rotary cutting process, a log is spun and at the same time, multiple sheets are removed. A backed veneer is affixed to synthetic and non-synthetic materials to provide a superior finish. Exotic woods can be readily attainable and are employed to make raw wood veneer cut straight from exotic logs. 

Even though reconstituted veneer is a sustainable material, its manufacturing process is quite lengthy. Logs are primarily cut, and afterwards, sheets are coloured to achieve the intended wood grain colours before it reaches a Building Material Supplier in Dubai. Subsequently, in order to emulate the authentic wood grain, the slices of logs are coloured and adhered together. After being adhered together and then cut into paper-thin sheets, veneer blocks can be used in an endless number of projects. Turning the block produces various slices and distinctive appearances, from plain with cathedrals to quarter.

Sustainability of Reconstituted Veneer

Using secondary wood species that grow at a rapid rate, this veneer variety offered by Building Material Supplier in Dubai entails a highly efficient process that leaves minimal waste behind. A manufacturer uses the whole log of veneer, without wasting any when he has a veneer log. Consequently, the finest parts of the log are used for several sheets of veneer, which is derived sustainably.

The one of a kind look of the lumber is encapsulated, creating an attractive natural wood grain veneer. At Woodzone, the top Building Material Supplier in Dubai, we name it a wood veneer of distinction. It provides designers and builders unlimited options while giving peace of mind. By selecting a reconstituted veneer, contractors are able to easily finish a project, as the wood grain appears the best while keeping costs low.

Why Use Reconstituted Veneer From a Building Material Supplier in Dubai

Let us go back to our rift white oak example which we discussed previously. Despite wanting the look of rift white oak, a general contractor or designer is willing to consider other options that are less expensive. Their requirement might be moulding, roofing, and doors in that material. In the Remarkable Veneers line, Construction Suppliers in Dubai offers reconstituted veneers that are flawless and resemble natural rift white oak. Besides being gorgeous and smelling similar to how natural wood is, the veneer will also appear and feel like it. By using reconstituted veneer what we are actually doing is that we are limiting our impact on the environment and at the same time using something that lasts long. Putting the veneer over medium Density fibreboard or a substrate reinforces the slender slice of wood and the ultimate product. When it comes to real wood, changes in moisture or temperature cause it to shrink, twist, or crack. Whereas reconstituted veneer can stand up to these temperature and moisture variations and stay sturdy for years.

Reconstituted veneer from a Building Material Supplier in Dubai is also perfect for bigger projects in which wood grain is supposed to be consistent all the while. Remodelling key commercial spaces have incorporated a variety of materials, such as reconstituted veneer panels, countertops, and beyond. This allows for matching that particular shade and grain provided additional material be required in the future. Designers will settle for a reconstituted veneer for clients who desire the appearance of exotic wood without having to shell out exotic prices.

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