Buying a Reconstituted Veneer: What to Look For?

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Reconstituted veneer has an irreplaceable role in interior decoration, furniture making and veneer door manufacturing. When you decide to do renovations and works, it is always advisable to shop reconstituted veneer from one of the Best Building Wood Suppliers in UAE. 

This will help you in so many ways like cost reduction. Also, it assists in avoiding many issues. This blog will guide you in choosing the right reconstituted veneer from the finest Veneer Wood Suppliers.

A Little Info on Reconstituted Veneer

The reconstituted veneer production began with the experimentation by an Italian wood product company to produce man-made wood veneers during the 1970s.

Firstly, it was just dyed veneer products, glued and laminated together from big reconstituted woodblocks. Later with the advent of bionic design technologies and machinery, different varieties of reconstituted veneers start to arrive in the market. That too in exotic and creative designs.

Advantages of Reconstituted Veneer

In recent times, a reconstituted veneer is the first and foremost option for modern interior decoration. This is a great choice for your furniture, door and even for wall decorations because of several reasons like;

Environment Friendly

R&D on eco-friendly glue and dyestuffs has given us a remarkable result in the past several years. As a result, the best-reconstituted veneers can be given an E0 rating for formaldehyde emission. This is also true for common standard veneers, even when they also achieve E1 grades.

Both Physical and Mechanical Functions are Top-Notch

Reconstituted veneers that are processed from the Best Building Wood Suppliers in UAE possess great structure because of their recombination with raw wood veneers. Therefore, it possesses no defects that a natural wood veneer usually has. 

Reconstituted veneers are immune to discolouration, wrinkled wood veneer sheet problems, knots and many more. Moreover, Plywood-veneer furniture or an interior veneer door can be made easily using plywood or MDF veneering.

Variety in Colours and Designs

A major advantage of reconstituted veneers is that they can be dyed, textured, and designed in exotic ways. There are many speciality and exotic veneer designs. Some of them include reconstituted ebony veneer, rosewood, mahogany, cat`s eye, bird’s eye maple, lacewood, white ice tree, burlwood, end grain veneer and so on.

Timber Resources are Used Efficiently

In this way, by choosing reconstituted veneers from any Building Timber Suppliers more trees can be saved. Thereby, our forests around the world can be preserved for generations to come.

On the other hand, cutting and splicing natural wood veneer sheets are needed when there are different grains and colours of natural wood veneer sheets, which is not good for our timber resources.

In contrast to this, reconstituted veneers seldom waste material during production. Along with that, nearly every piece of recon veneer can be used in a veneering application and nothing will be wasted.

Attractive Price Rates

The one thing that attracts many to buy reconstituted veneers is its economic rates. When compared with natural veneers these are cost-effective and also do not compromise in neither the quality nor the design.

The Best Building Wood Suppliers in UAE is offering economical artificial veneers. Choosing this will be such a great thing for your interior fit-out and joinery works. 

Things You Should Keep in Mind While Buying Reconstituted Veneer

Wood Species

The important and primary thing you should look for while buying artificial veneers is their wood species. You can always seek help from experienced Building Timber Suppliers that are near you if you are not familiar with the different wood species available on the market.

Quality Grade

Prices are affected by this factor in a big way. Additionally, the quality grade affects the final appearance of surface wood grains. You have to be clear about what you expect and what not you cannot accept. Since each Veneer Wood Suppliers have different grading standards.


Among the Best Building Wood Suppliers in UAE, you have to choose the one that perfectly fits your budget. You can either connect with the suppliers or analyse the rates through their former customers.


The benefits of reconstituted veneer are now laid out for you, as well as how to choose it effectively. It should have become clear to you almost everything you need to know about buying wood veneers for your needs and about the Best Building Wood Suppliers in UAE, the top one on the list is Woodzone, a supplier who offers quality products at affordable rates.