Wood Veneer: Applications and Value Added Processes

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Veneer makes one of the splendid forms of wood. It is a slender sheet of wood that is sliced from a log. What sets it apart from solid wood is that the latter is sawn from a log. This generates more waste, more than what veneer generates while it’s being cut. To put it another way, transforming a log into a veneer allows us to improve the added value that we get from a log. This is something that no other natural product can provide. The entire activities of Natural Veneers by WoodZone, one of the leading Timber Suppliers in UAE have evolved around this graceful and long-lasting raw material.

Veneer Sheets: What Are They?

As the name implies, a veneer is a slender coating that is applied to a solid material to make it appear visually appealing. It is just 1/8 inch thick. In the same way, veneer sheets are slender sheets of material that are adhered to solid materials, such that the previously unappealing object now appears exotic and pricey, but just a slender sheet of exorbitant material has been applied to it. 

Value-added Processes Can be Applied to Veneer

Rough Cut 

Such veneers are a one of a kind alternative to sawn lumber panelling. When compared to sawn lumber, they are a bit more economical and environmentally friendly, for interiors where rustic aesthetics is favoured.


This value-added process gives the wood surface a unique, contemporary appearance. A splash of vibrant colours adds one of a kind appeal to the veneer finish and makes it a viable surfacing option for the majority of modern interior design concepts. 


Such veneers highlight flaws in veneers distinctively by covering them with coloured acrylic. Thunder veneer is attained in a unique way- Acrylic is cautiously applied into veneer cracks to create a contemporary look.

Gold Inlay 

It is the technique of beautifying furniture with veneer as well as decorative materials fitted into furniture to create baroque, fanciful and more designs. Parquetry adopts a similar process to create geometric patterns.

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Suggestions to Apply Wood Veneer

Wood veneer is an immensely appealing and cumbersome component of the woodwork. When executed well, a veneer can truly go a long way to build a skilled carpenter’s repute for quality. There are many applications for veneer, including but not limited to-

  • Furnishing
  • Walls
  • Casework
  • Floors
  • Ceilings

Adding veneer to these surfaces exude a feeling of luxury and fine craftsmanship. The applications of wood veneer will be discussed in more detail below. Here are the three most prevalent uses for wood veneers:

Decorative wood veneers are the popular choice of builders and interior designers as ornamental elements in their designs and are constructed and installed by dedicated carpenters having a strong work ethic. Wood veneer usage is quite cumbersome that prevalent industry standards namely the Architectural Woodwork standards goes a long way to make certain that the work is not just created to the greatest standards but that every personnel, such as …that all parties – architects, woodworkers, and general contractors – have a common understanding.

The communication process has been simplified and made more accurate, while quality has also been assured.

Timber Building Supplies are used for the following three purposes:

Commercial Environment Applications: It consists of undertakings for interiors of eateries, office reception, conference area, and lifts where there is a significant application of wall panelling. Interiors of cruise ships also fall into this group.

Casework: Timber building supplies are adopted as a substitute for solid wood to minimise expenses and carbon footprint. This method is great for making the most of natural resources in a sustainable way. Being an appealing cover for MDF as an economical substitute to solid wood, MDF is encased with veneer to make it appear as though its solid wood and enhance the robustness of the final product. 

In these three cases, is wood veneer a better choice than solid wood?

For those looking for a more economical and more durable solution, you may want to consider applying wood veneers if you wish to cut costs while keeping aesthetic value the same. Certainly, For decorative projects such as wall panelling, your client must be of the opinion that veneers are a more suitable choice than solid wood. If weight is a concern, case in point for a boat’s interior, during the construction of a ship’s interior, then settling for veneer instead of solid wood is perfect. In addition to cost-effectiveness, veneers enable the boat to be lighter.

Wall Panels

To enhance the aesthetic charm of wall panels, wood veneers can be applied. They offer consistency in grain and colour, as it’s reconstructed from distinct wood species. Engineered veneer comes in a variety of designs, colours, and textures and is also extremely lasting and moisture-proof, making it a great option for wood panels.

Ceilings and Walls 

In the long run, veneer sheets will become the standard for premium veneer core. Ceilings and walls embellished with it aid in tailoring the interiors of your property to suit the decor and style. Wood veneers can aid you to achieve the perfect minimalistic or luxurious atmosphere. As Timber Suppliers in UAE, Woodzone offers top-notch veneers and related products. 


Wood veneers can easily transform furniture pieces like chairs, tables, sideboards, etc into something new and one of a kind.

With a broad range of wood veneers to choose from, you can form a multitude of patterns and arrangements. With this, your design options are endless. You can reach the appeal you want effortlessly.


Veneers are a great way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of cabinets. Making cabinet surfaces stand out is easy with veneer- you can create and apply patterns as you like. Cabinets can appear absolutely one of a kind and chic when they are crafted with wood veneers, oak veneers, or other exotic wood types.


For decorative artwork, wood veneers are perfect since they are much flexible and can be worked on with ease. Wood veneers can enhance the look of artwork of all dimensions and types, from musical instruments to collectable items.

Decorative Inlay

 It can take a while for you to master the art of decorative inlay. However, by using veneers, It’s never been easier to make and apply patterns that distinguish your products. When it comes to dyed wood veneers and greater varieties of exotic woods, A decorative inlay adds a special touch to any item.

Not every big project requires the use of veneer sheets. Veneers can add grace and oomph to everything, no matter how big or small the project is. Making the most of veneer as an adorning material to embellish precious artwork at home, photo frames and beyond. 

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