Reasons To Choose Wood Veneer Panels

Wood Provider in UAE

The veneers are thin wood sheets made from exotic wood species sourced from around the world. They are an eco-friendly alternative to hardwood flooring. It takes more trees to make hardwood compared to veneer, but that’s not all the benefits. A major advantage of wood veneers provided by a reputable Wood Provider in UAE or Timber Suppliers in Dubai is its lower cost when compared to solid wood.

If you’re thinking of using wood veneer panels from the top Wood Provider in UAE to upgrade the look and extend the life of your furniture, you shouldn’t look much further than these. For an affordable price, you can give your furniture the perfect look and finish with timber veneer panels.

In addition to the benefits of timber veneer when it comes to renovation, there are a number of other reasons to choose it. According to the popular Veneer Suppliers in UAE and the general Wood Provider in UAE, The following are a few reasons why a timber veneer may be the best choice for you.

Natural Appeal at a Lower Cost

Despite the lower cost offered by the Wood Provider in UAE, wood veneers have the same aesthetic properties as hardwood. Veneers, which are thin slices of wood, can be easily glued to an engineered wood substrate to achieve a desired appearance and feel. In short, wood veneers allow you to give living spaces a natural appeal without busting your budget.

Flexibility in Designs

There is no such thing as a standard wood veneer sheet since each tree is unique. Layers even within a tree are unique. Hence, your furniture can have an endless number of design possibilities. To create an atmosphere that perfectly harmonizes with your personal style preferences, you can mix and match different grains, textures and colours.

Increased Strength and Durability

As well as increasing durability and lifespan, wood veneer sheets on engineered wood boards add an aesthetic appeal. Unfortunately, fiberboards are particularly vulnerable. When premium wood veneer sheets from the mainstream Timber Suppliers in Dubai are used to cover them, this risk is minimized. The sheets are warp-resistant and fragment-resistant too. 


Veneers made of wood from the Veneer Suppliers in UAE are environmentally friendly and can easily be recycled. When wood veneers have served their purpose, they can be crushed to create wood waste, which can be used to produce particleboard and medium-density fiberboard.

Low Wood Consumption

The veneers in wood furniture require less wood since a very thin layer of wood is used for the surface. It is possible to make a few pieces of hardwood furniture out of a tree log. While the same tree log can also be utilized to make a collection of wood veneer sheets that may be surfacing materials for different types of furniture.

A Final Thought

Wood veneers are produced by many leading Wood Provider in UAE. It is the customers’ sole responsibility to search and find the one provider that offers high-quality products and a budget-friendly rate. If you are looking for one such timber trading company, your search is likely to end at Woodzone. Architects and interior designers are able to create intricate pieces of art with our exceptional manufacturing capabilities. Our wide variety of natural veneers and engineered veneers can meet any of your needs. It is assured that with the building material products available here at Woodzone you can create the space you always wanted, the one which is filled with the magic of wood veneer furniture, panels and much more.