Things You Should Know About Reconstituted Veneer

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Wood veneers are thin slabs of wood that are bonded to a strong underlayment to produce a decorative wallcovering. Ancient Egypt was the birthplace of veneering. In comparison to traditional wood products, our modern veneering methods are able to extract about 300 per cent more wood from each log. This veneer is made from real wood from renewable sources to simulate rare or exotic wood species. It is an excellent environmentally friendly alternative for many customers. Since it offers great quality and design, it is one of the top most demanded materials among the Wholesale Building Material Suppliers in Dubai. 

What is The Process of Creating Recon Wood?

A variety of processes are applied to wood by the Wholesale Building Materials Suppliers in Dubai to produce recon veneer wallcoverings. To begin, hardwood species are carefully selected. After the wood is sliced and processed, it is bonded and stained to create a new log, which can then be sliced into veneer and bonded to a substrate. Similar or nearly identical panels or repeating patterns can be created by repeating the process as many times as necessary. As with conventional hardwood veneers from the Building Materials Company in Dubai, it is then finished to prevent damage from water or chemicals. Due to the nature of natural wood, each log’s grain, colour, and appearance can vary slightly from piece to piece and batch to batch. While the grain pattern of this wood is not as consistent as those of other species, it is very distinctive nonetheless.

Convertible veneers from the leading Wood Company in UAE are also made from natural wood with the same look, feel, and functionality as conventional veneers. As an alternative to rare or exotic species, Wholesale Building Materials Suppliers in Dubai produces an environmentally friendly and environmentally responsible alternative. It can be made without natural defects, offering you both consistency and beauty.

The Benefits of Reconstituted Wood Veneer Wallcovering

Veneer made from reconstituted real wood is a great alternative to rare, exotic, and hard-to-find species. You can choose from a large range of wood veneers, from ash and ebony to wenge and zebrawood. No sacrifices have to be made for budget or availability if you are going for the best Wholesale Building Materials Suppliers in Dubai.

Recon offers many benefits, among which are:


Our innovative manufacturing techniques enable us to craft real wood in a way that extends the life of each log even further, making it a greener building material. Almost no waste is generated during the reconditioning process. Our wood is VOC-compliant with no formaldehyde added because we use environmentally friendly materials throughout the process. Furthermore, we can help preserve precious resources in the world by using fast-growing species, which are plentiful.


A raw wood veneer is manufactured using a process that provides greater stability and strength and eliminates defects, such as knots, wrinkles, and discolourations, that often occur in conventional veneer and weaken it.

Consistency of grain and finish

When processed, recon wood can easily be transformed into stunning veneer sheets that will match your project’s exact width and length, with a beautiful grain and colour. No cutting or matching will be needed, so there will be less waste.


The wood veneer market has many species to offer, such as oak, cherry, walnut, maple, elm, and maple, among others; reconstituted veneers have more exotic and speciality species, including rosewood, mahogany, and ebony, which feature beautiful burls and highly distinctive grain patterns.


The price of recon wood is competitive, especially when compared to the price of rare and exotic woods. The Building Material Company in Dubai makes it easy to access beautifully crafted and priceless wood for your home without sacrificing your budget or design needs.

All of the reconstituted wood veneers and other products from the major Wood Company in UAE like Woodzone can be custom stained, digitally printed, or custom finished to meet your unique needs. We are known as one of the leading Wholesale Building Materials Suppliers in Dubai and we can assist you with information regarding the latest trends and details of wood veneers. Visit us today or schedule a site visit to learn more about the versatile options we have.