The Complete Guide To Wood Veneer Furniture

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If you think wood veneers are cheap, flat-pack, thin furniture, then it’s time to do some research and learn more about them. Wood veneers are very attractive and come in a wide variety of colours and styles, making them an excellent choice for many furniture pieces. The purpose of this post is to provide you with an overview of the different types of wood veneer, how to choose one that will suit your home’s decor from the best Timber Company in Dubai, and how to care for it. 

What is a Wood Veneer? 

In most cases, wood veneers from the top Wood Company in UAE are made up of a thin layer of natural hardwood bonded to a stable composite base material. Because less wood is used in veneers than in solid timber, they are more affordable, but also more stable because of the base material. If left untreated, solid wood is extremely prone to warping due to moisture. A veneer product from the Wood Suppliers in UAE not only enhances the aesthetics of furniture but also extends its lifespan. 

Difference Between Wood Veneers Furniture and Solid Wood Furniture

There are more factors to consider than just the price when choosing between real wood furniture and furniture with a wood veneer finish. Each material has its pros and cons, which we have listed below. When looking for new furniture, think about the factors that would be most useful to you.

Advantages of Solid Wood

There are many benefits to solid wood furniture, including its durability and ease of repair. There are several damage types, including scratches, watermarks, dents, and stains. To remove any markings, you can usually give it light sand or fine sandpaper.

Disadvantages of Solid Wood

Real wood furniture is indeed prone to cracking and splintering since wood is made from natural sources. There is a possibility that real wood furniture will split along its grain due to expansion and contraction under extreme conditions. Keeping solid wood furniture out of direct sunlight and heat is the best way to prevent splitting. In addition to extending the life of real wood furniture, waxes and oils require more maintenance. As atmospheric conditions change, solid timber is susceptible to deterioration. Surfaces can wrap and bend as a result of temperature changes.

Advantages Of Wood Veneer Furniture

The environment is much better served by wood veneer. Since it’s solid wood sliced into multiple places, it can be used for much more than just one product.

The result is fewer trees needing to be cut down to produce wood veneer furniture. Furthermore, veneer furniture provided by the Timber Company in Dubai offers a large variety of design options. Due to the veneer’s thinness, it is possible to arrange the wood in ways that solid wood cannot. Veneer furniture of high quality is also extremely stable. It is because the veneer is glued to a stable substrate, so the finished surface will not warp or split. 

Disadvantages of Wood Veneer Furniture

Not treating wood veneer properly can lead to blisters, delaminations, or peeling away. Luckily, this is an incredibly simple problem to avoid by using mats every mealtime and by ensuring your wood veneer furniture gets a regular, light cleaning. 

How To Clean a Wood Veneer 

A damp, soft cloth with no lint is the best method to clean wood veneer surfaces, such as a dining table or sideboard. Use a cloth dipped in mild dishwashing detergent to remove stubborn stains left by food and drinks. Wipe in the direction of the wood grain.

You should dust your wood veneer regularly with a dry, soft cloth to maintain its look. A premium quality wood veneer from the best Timber Company in Dubai can be cleaned quickly using a light coating of non-ammonia glass cleaner and wiped with a paper towel.

Be careful not to use wax or silicone furniture polishes when cleaning. The use of wax on veneer furniture can lead to cloudy and uneven appearances over time. Meanwhile, silicon residues leave an unsightly white stain on the furniture.

If you are using cleaning products, make sure you find out what’s in them. Wood veneers bought from the leading Wood Company in UAE should never be cleaned with an abrasive cleanser or cloth. Make sure to use soft cleaning agents and clean cloths to avoid damaging the surface.

Have we succeeded in changing your view of wood veneer furniture? We hope you have been inspired to use wood veneer in your home after seeing so many stylish pieces and how versatile this material can be. Check out our collection offered by the top Timber Company in Dubai and the leading Wood Suppliers in UAE to understand the full range of wood veneer products, including Dining Tables, Sideboards, Consoles, and Side Tables. As a leading Timber Company in Dubai, Woodzone assures you high-quality products and the best service possible.