Veneers – How They are Made?

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Technology is developing day by day. New veneering methods were found that help to get about 300 percent more wood from each log. Veneers are thin- sheets of wood adhered to a strong underlayer. Recon veneers are eco-friendly wood products. These recon veneers are wood sheets that are sawn and applied to one another and at the end, it gives the appearance of various desired kinds of wood. Using a real wood veneer from renewable sources as a substitute for rare or exotic wood species, the reconstituted veneer is created using real wood from renewable sources. Many customers choose recon as an environment friendly alternative. To know more about recon veneers count on Wood Zone,  the best Recon Veneer Zebrano in Dubai. 

Features of Reconsistuted Veneers

Reconstituted veneers are more durable and have good color and grain consistency. They will never fail to give the smell and feel of real solid wood. The color, pattern, and aesthetic of the desired wood are all applied consistently, and each panel is exactly the same as the previous one in order to create a seamless match. Recon veneers are a great alternative. These veneers are made up of exotic and hard to acquire wood species. Recon veneers are budget-friendly. Now you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite design thinking about the budget. They are also available in various options like ash, ebony, wenge, and zebrawood. Make your cabinets, bookshelves, desks, wall coverings, and floor using your favorite recon veneer. The recon veneers always give a clear finish look because it has been pre-stained. Get the high-quality recon veneers to make your home more stylish from Wood Zone, Recon Veneer Zebrano in Dubai. 

How Veneers are made?

The woods that are used to make reconstituted veneers are sourced from sustainable forests. Veneers are made from both popular and basswood types of woods. With such woods, it is easy to create more veneer sheets and produce minimal waste. Veneers are sliced down from a tree trunk. The making process of the veneer includes slicing the log at different angles to get the grains you want. The log is cut into angles like quarter cut, rotary cut, crown cut, etc. Depending on the demand and requirements some wood is seasoned to get the best condition, and some will go straight for slicing into veneers. The best Timber Suppliers in Dubai are found in Wood Zone. 

The veneers will be cut from 0.1mm to 2mm. The thinly cut veneers will go through a process called kiln dry, which stabilizes the veneer for lamination on the surface of the board later. As these veneers are made to undergo a hot process later, some moisture content will be retained. Visible joints or cracks can be seen after the hot press process due to over-drying of veneers. Thicker veneers are dried for a longer time. Then these thick veneers are laminated. Before sending them to the hot press, these veneers must be cut into desired size and shape. To get quality natural veneers contact Wood Zone, Wood Company in UAE.

In the process of making reconstituted veneers instead of using sliced-down veneer pieces from natural. They are made from compressed softwoods. The woods are then dyed and compressed to make them log-shaped for easy slicing. To create different grain designs different mold designs are used. Dyes are used at the same time to give them a natural look of wood. Except for dying all the other processes are similar to natural veneer. When compared with natural veneer reconstituted veneers are less expensive and easily affordable. When compared with other veneer trees recon veneers will have the same grain, color, and tone as all batches. Reconstituted veneers are made using softwood trees like basswood, obeche, or poplar. Want to know more about Recon Veneer Zebrano in Dubai feel free to contact Wood Zone.

Dying and Pressing the logs

Dying is an important process while creating a reconstituted veneer. The first step is to stain the veneer according to the desired color. Then these strips are submerged in water at a specific temperature with the dye concentrate. Cent percent water-based dyes are used. Dyed veneer strips are used to create the desired reconstituted wood species. After the dying process, the veneers are piled up and glued as a block. The glue is applied to each strip. These are then pressed together. 

Recon veneers are easy to access, cost-effective, and beautiful woods that make your home and office space more delightful and appealing. Get the best Recon Veneer Zebrano in Dubai from Wood Zone.