Types Of Bamboo Veneer

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Recon Bamboo Horizontal Veneer in Dubai is a thin sheet made of laminated bamboo blocks. A fast-growing type of bamboo is used as the raw material for bamboo blocks in the major Wood Suppliers in UAE. Depending on the degree of carbonization, the colour may range from a pale yellow to a darker brown. In most cases, however, either a narrow strand vertical grain or a planked horizontal grain can be selected. These are eco-friendly, renewable decoration materials made from 100% natural resources. Both for architectural and interior decoration, a bamboo veneer sheet from the top Timber Suppliers in Dubai is a great choice. 

Carbonized Vertical Bamboo Veneer

There are narrow vertical grains in carbonized bamboo veneers, which are darker brown caramel in colour. The most common grain is a vertical bamboo panel or veneer. The narrow bamboo strips measure between 6mm and 8mm in width. In comparison with Recon Bamboo Horizontal Veneer in Dubai, vertical grain veneers are simpler to produce. The vertical veneer is competitively priced, which is most important. 

These brown caramel can be found in three types based on the carbonization process. It is possible to find light carbonized colours, medium carbonized colours and deep carbonized dark caramel colours from the Wood Suppliers in UAE. In most cases, however, light and medium carbonized vertical bamboo panels and veneers are the most popular.

Carbonized Horizontal Bamboo Veneer

There are wide strips of planked patterns on carbonized horizontal bamboo veneers. The production of horizontally planked bamboo requires a lot of technical expertise. Compared to vertical grain veneer sheets, it is much more expensive.

The width of bamboo strips is usually between 20 and 25 mm. On the veneer sheets, you can see the natural bamboo nodes. The carbonization process is performed at high temperatures and pressures. This increases the strength and density of carbonized bamboo. 

Natural Vertical Bamboo Veneer

Do you not want bamboo veneer sheets that are coffee brown? If you prefer the natural colour of bamboo, you can consider that as well. It is the natural vertical bamboo that is most common and most competitive. There is a pale yellow colour to the bamboo natural veneer, as mentioned earlier. 

Natural vertical bamboo designs can be found on many interior furniture, cabinets and wall coverings.

Natural Horizontal Bamboo Veneer 

If you wish to see natural bamboo nodes and natural bamboo colours this Recon Bamboo Horizontal Veneer in Dubai is what you need to choose. Boards and veneers made from natural horizontal bamboo are great options since bamboo retains its natural beauty. A horizontal bamboo panel or veneer sheet shows more natural bamboo nodes. 

A much more complicated technology is involved in the production of horizontal planked bamboo, as we discussed earlier. Furthermore, natural horizontal bamboo is more complicated than carbonized horizontal bamboo.

Recon Bamboo Horizontal Veneer in Dubai are made from top-quality bamboo strips. Mineral streaks are less prominent, and there are fewer colour differences. 

Zebra Grain Bamboo Veneer

Bamboo veneer with zebra grain is a blend of natural coloured bamboo strips and carbonized brown caramel-coloured strips. Usually, the bamboo strips are glued one by one in two different colours and the thickness is between 5-7 mm. You can call it narrow strips of zebra bamboo.

Another design involves glueing three bamboo strips vertically first, then mixing different colours. Wide strips of bamboo can be called zebra bamboo. Your interior decoration projects might cost a fortune if you use a solid zebra bamboo board. You might be able to get away with laminated zebra bamboo thin veneers on plywood or another panel. 

Woven Bamboo Veneer

This bamboo veneer sheet is 100% hand-woven basket-weave. We can weave different colours and wide strips to design patterns. You can find woven bamboo sheets that are much popular in the USA and Canada in a variety of applications. A variety of textured walls, ceilings, furniture, and kitchen surfaces may be decorated with this material. Designers can make great use of bamboo woven veneer sheets for generating geometry ideas. 

As It is probably no surprise to you that all woven veneer sheets are now covered with fleece. In this way, veneer sheets can be curved and made durable. For surface decoration, you don’t have to limit yourself to just natural bamboo or wood. A weaved veneer is an option you can consider. It might give you a big idea of what you can do if you look at the woven patterns.

Bamboo Veneer Roll

There are two types of bamboo veneer rolls: finger-jointed bamboo veneers in standard lengths of 200 meters and custom-length bamboo veneers. 

Edge banding applications use veneer rolls with a width between 15mm and 60mm. Furthermore, bamboo veneer rolls with widths between 60mm and 300mm are used for wrapping profiles. It is generally 0.4mm or 0.5mm thick, with a range of 0.25mm to 1.2mm.

A manufacturing company that manufactures veneer doors, veneer furniture, skirting and moulding like Woodzone, will offer you high-quality products. Furthermore, a bamboo veneer roll provides a look and feels that is similar to solid bamboo on all surfaces and sides. Solid bamboo boards are more expensive but less expensive than hollow bamboo boards. Anyway, if you are looking for a premium veneer or Recon Bamboo Horizontal Veneer in Dubai, look no further. Woodzone Timber Suppliers in Dubai is the best choice for you.