Choosing Decorative Veneers: What To Look For?

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Wood veneers are a type of decorative woodwork that can be used to represent the natural splendour of wooden surfaces, showcasing their inherent features and adding an air of luxury and elegance to any commercial or residential interior. If you want to achieve a great result, there is only one thing you need to consider. It is important to choose materials from a reputable and Premier Supplier in Timber.

You have to take into account several factors in order to choose the right veneers for your decor, such as the wood species, the colours, the thickness, and the veneer cuts.

From a variety of choices offered by the Leading Supplier and Importer of Wood, you can choose the perfect one that meets your needs. Aside from selecting a veneer cut that suits your needs, there are different colours, patterns, and textures to choose from. 

How To Use Decorative Wood Veneers?

Decorative wood veneers are one of the most demanded Timber Building Materials in Dubai. These wood veneers from Premier Supplier in Timber possess a wide variety of uses. The best part is that it is ideal and perfectly fits all parts of the room, floor, and walls. Moreover, it can be used even on the ceiling, all kinds of furniture including dining tables. An attractive, unique style adds a lot of character and soul to the design.

The use of veneers by high-end kitchen designers to create spectacular finishes is gaining increasing popularity. They often blend them with solid wood to create an impressive look. A veneered kitchen using the best Timber Building Materials in Dubai is popular among those seeking a unique look. Since each log has a unique shape and produces a range of effects, depending on the cutting techniques and matching style. 

A unique wood veneer is a great option for a bedroom design because it helps your room to come to life and look elegant. Natural wood veneers finish the face of the feature wall, the headboard and the cabinets and wardrobes. Using wood veneers from one of the leading Premier Supplier in Timber will give you many design ideas, whether you are renovating a high-end residence or designing an entire hotel chain.

Decorative wood veneers are also commonly used as wall panelling. Plumbing and cabling can be hidden by using this method, or it can be used to fashion a feature wall or to add a period look to a home.

How To Choose Decorative Veneers?

However stylish and unique your designs are, the whole quality of the work lies in the quality of the veneer products used. To narrow down, your choice of the timber species, decorative wood veneers and matching technique all contribute to the finishing of your interior design. 

One way to make sure you are choosing the right material is by seeking help from a Leading Supplier and Importer of Wood. When there is a Premier Supplier in Timber to guide you it will be easy for you to purchase the perfect product that meets all your needs. Moreover, they can work precisely with the wood grain’s natural repetition. It takes a great deal of skill to pick and arrange each veneer leaf so that the best is drawn out of the wood.

In your interior project, you may prefer to have everything perfectly matched. This is where decorative wood veneers excel, as they can indicate architectural details, or be featured on their own. To get the best quality veneer products there is no better place than Woodzone. We are one of the top Premier Supplier in Timber with a great track record of delivering premium materials to many happy and satisfied clients all over the UAE.