Maple Veneers: Uses And Applications

Building Material Suppliers in Dubai

Everyone’s dream is to build a beautiful house with nice interiors. If you are searching for the best wood veneer to make your interiors then the best suggestion from the best Building Material Company in Dubai would be maple veneer. Maple veneers are creamy white to pink-tinged light yellow wood that changes to deep pale gold color. Maple is a hardwood, that is dense and strong. It is easy to work with maple veneers. They have smooth texture and tight uniform grains. Maple veneers give the best perfection to all the works and also accept stains. The works using maple veneers are finished with a clear coating that preserves the warmth and highlights the color and beauty of the natural grains in the wood. Approach Woodzone for the quality Maple Veneer Supplier in Dubai.

Maple veneer products include a variety of flexible sheets. These sheets are available in different sizes, multiple cuts, and backer options. They are used for making furniture on floors. Maple veneers are a versatile option. Maple veneers have different varieties with unique colors and markings.   

Applications of Maple Veneers

Kitchen Cabinets:

Today most of the kitchen door styles are slab or plain front cabinets. In order to achieve this contemporary style, you must select a veneer with a narrow color range and little wood grain that will detract from the look of the room’s lines. Maple veneers from Woodzone, Wood Company in UAE has several veneers with matching options, which provide a cohesive look from one cabinet door to the next across the entire kitchen.  For contemporary spaces, it would be good to use a hardwood cabinet door. The aesthetics of maple veneers can be so appealing. The size of the veneer depends on the area to be made, oversized for the drawer fronts and pantry doors. They will have the same clean lines. The makers will appreciate the tight grains found in the maple veneers, which makes it ideal for making cabinet interiors, and shelving, a real wood surface is preferred in applications that require durability and visual appeal.


It is no secret that appliance panels have long been a popular addition to high-end homes. However, recently they have begun to appear in contemporary kitchens as well. When compared with the typical cabinet doors or drawers the application panels are much larger. An increasingly popular slab style requires a single panel veneer that can accommodate larger appliances in length and width. Woodzone, Maple Veneer Supplier in Dubai, has white maple veneers that are consistent and feature a limited color range, take stains, dyes, and tints exceptionally well. They provide a subtle wood grain for an authentic look that is ideal for today’s contemporary kitchens. The white maple can also be used for paneling, to cover not only the appliances but also the end panels. They give your contemporary kitchen the clean and sleek look they need.

Shelves & Doors for Closets

Homeowners are beginning to look at storage differently as they begin to incorporate open floor plans and multi-functional rooms into their homes. Nowadays, custom cabinets are becoming the norm. It is becoming more and more popular to install sliding doors instead of bifold doors in custom closets since they can accommodate multiple functions while keeping a sleek and professional appearance. Woodzone, Maple Veneer Supplier in Dubai, has cut veneers that are large enough to accommodate any size of sliding doors or panels. Additionally, as they can be easily matched and bookended, you can combine them in many different styles to match a variety of architectural styles and include shelving inside to maximize storage space. 

A wide range of furniture and built-ins

Like other quality veneers, Woodzone, the best Maple Veneer Supplier in Dubai, has perfect veneers for creating living room interiors and furniture. Slip matched and plank matched appearance options permit crafting in a variety of ways, with less time spent assessing, grading, and joining the material. The white maple veneers are usually thicker than plain-sized veneers. The furniture builders have more wood to work with, giving additional surface preparation, and alternatives for furnishing. There are many situations in which it is simply more forgiving than other products.

Woodzone, Maple Veneer Supplier in Dubai, provides the architecture with the best quality wood veneers. Cost-effective maple veneers can be availed from Woodzone. They are more consistent in color as well as in grains. Buying maple veneers from Woodzone is like an investment made. Get in touch with Wood zone for the best quality maple veneers.