All You Have to Know About Burma Teak in Dubai

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Woods are always the best choice to make furniture, cupboards, and doors. They can provide a perfect look to your home or office. Teak woods are always the best choice for making dining tables. This wood is known as “the king of hardwoods.” Teak wood has become the most go-after wood type in the world. People love to make furniture with Burma teak because of its unblemished beauty and its durability. Over generations, this wood has stolen the heart of furniture makers and homeowners. Woodzone finds out the best and matured Burma Teak in Dubai for you to make the ideal furniture for your home.

Identifying the best Burma teak

Teaks are tropical hardwoods that are mostly found in South and Southeast Asia. Burma teak is from Myanmar, it is loved by furniture makers as this wood is completely matured. With this type of wood, you can make strong and durable wood slabs and furniture. Burma teak woods are over 80 years old. They are extremely stable and highly durable. The teaks are grown naturally in the wild and their organic growth makes the wood denser.

If you are planning to purchase Burma teak there are a few things you have to notice to identify the quality of the wood before buying them. Makesure the sapwood is only 2cm or less. This means the teak is older and fully matured. The darker color of the wood is due to high oil content. In logs with exceptional levels of oil content, coagulation can also manifest as black streaks. Always contact the  best Wood Suppliers in UAE like Woodzone to find the perfect Burma teak.  


A good quality Burma Teak in Dubai will be durable, stable, and will be high in oil content. High quality teaks are year old teaks. Only those teaks gives fine wood. When exposed to different environments, such wood shows minimal expansion, shrinkage, and warpage. The densely packed wood fibers gives the teak the strength and stability. This is found only in older trees that are allowed to mature completely. The sturdiness and hardness will make it resistant to insect infection. Durability and stability of teak ensures it to be a perfect choice for making furniture.

How teak looks and feels

Burma teaks are golden or reddish brown in color. This is a suitable color for making furniture. The color of teak wood is very versatile, it can match very easily with all interior styles. Burma teak slabs tend to have straight or slightly wavy grains, giving them a minimal and fuss-free appearance. 

Maintaining Burma Teak

Like all the wood, proper maintenance is required for Burma teak wood. The wood is coated with good finish to protect it against water and making it scratch resistant. Wood is a very natural material and it is very sensitive to temperature. It is very easy to clean the surface of the wood using a lint free cloth for dusting. Burma Teak in Dubai can be found from Woodzone.

Benefits of Burma Teak wood

There are a lot of reasons to select teak wood for your home. Burma teak wood can provide you with a lot of benefits like,

  • It is well know for its solidness and protection from water. 
  • Teak wood is normally very strong
  • Give an alluring and imperial look to your furniture. 
  • Provides a finishing and smooth look. 
  • This wood is hard and resistant to termite.
  • Having both versatility and strength in its fiber, teak wood is an excellent choice for carpentry and enables carpenters to shape a wide range of products.
  • The durability and strength of teak wood make it a versatile and sturdy material that requires little support.

There are various types of teak wood available all around the world. But Burma teak is one of the best wood available. Count of Woodzone, Timber Supplier in Dubai for the best and high-quality Burma Teak in Dubai. We have experts to find out the quality of teak wood. Woodzone always try our maximum to provide our customers with the superior quality wood.