Common Mistakes In Veneer Purchases From Building Material Suppliers

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If you are someone who had enough experience using veneer, you know the issues related to veneer purchasing. Even if you are aware of the usual problems here are some more to look for when you do your next veneer purchase from any Building Material Suppliers in Dubai. This blog provides you with information about veneers. We aim to empower you to make the best purchasing decisions from the leading Timber Building Materials in Dubai. Better preparation will help you save time and money. 

1. Assuming That a Sample Will be Exactly the Same as a Sheet You Purchase

As a natural product, wood veneers provided by the Building Material Suppliers in Dubai can have a range of colours and textures. Since every tree we harvest is unique, they might not match the current inventory, even if they are of the same species and quality.

2. Assuming veneer of the same species is always the same colour

It is possible for the same species of veneer from the Timber Merchants Dubai to have different colours. Colour variation is common in some species, but not all. You can only ensure colour consistency when you buy veneer from the same log.

3. Lack of Familiarity with Veneer Terminology

While you are going to purchase veneers from the Building Material Suppliers in Dubai for your needs, it is good to have some knowledge about the basic veneer terms. Knowing industry words when ordering can help you in a big way. As a result, errors and time delays will be reduced. When you are familiar with standard cuts, different figure types, and matching patterns like “book,” “slip,” and “butt,” you can get the veneer you want.

4. Choose a Large Species for a Large Job

If you need large matching veneers to finish one particular job it is always advisable to choose a species that can produce a large number of logs. This helps you to attain grain match and colour consistency since you will get longer veneer sequences from a single log.

5. Select The Best Size Veneer That is Perfect for Your Work 

Even though you may be able to complete your project with two 4’x8′ and one 4’x10′ sheets, it may be in your highest interest to purchase all 4’x10′ veneers to ensure all veneer comes from the same log. You can ensure similarity in colour and grain by doing this.

6. For projects requiring a high level of visibility, choose a premium veneer

It’s possible to save a bit of money on lower grade veneers in every project. High-quality wood veneer is not always necessary for shelves, backs, insides, and undersides of cabinets or furniture. Use a premium veneer in the highly visible areas. You can always identify the accurate amount of premium veneer you need with the proper assistance from your chosen Building Material Suppliers in Dubai.

7. Always Buy More Veneers Than Your Actual Calculation

To avoid product shortage in case of any re doings, corrections or some extra works to enhance the visual, it is always good to buy more than your actual plan. Otherwise, it will be a daunting task to find the veneer that matches the exact colour and grain. 

8. Providing Only a Limited Amount of Details About Your Project

It is critical to specify details such as quality, cut, colour, sequence matching, and so on to the Building Material Suppliers in Dubai when ordering veneer. As long as you clearly describe what you need, you are more likely to receive a veneer that meets your expectations. This will help you to avoid costly delays and unhappy outcomes.

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