Why Choose Bamboo Over Other Wood?

Bamboo Wood Veneer

Bamboos are always a great fit for your home because it has its own beauty and style. This is an eco-friendly choice at an affordable rate. It gives a better construction and finishing when compared with other woods. Consider decorating your living space with bamboo, because it gives a perfect look to your home and living area. Bamboo woods are so durable and will last for a long time. Know about the uses of Bamboo Wood Veneer from Woodzone Timbers.

Benefits of Bamboo Wood over other woods


Furniture or anything that is made up of bamboo is made without altering its original color. Bamboo comes in different colors. This wood will get darker as it gets steamed. This process is known as Carbonized bamboo. Stained bamboo woods are available in different shades and colors.


When comparing the durability of bamboo with other wood, bamboo wood is more durable. Most bamboo species are more durable than oak. Strong furniture and doors can be made without altering its natural look. Get information about Bamboo Wood Veneer and its durability from the expert wood service providers like Woodzone Timbers.

Environment Friendly 

As you all know bamboo is an eco-friendly wood material. Nobody has any doubt that bamboo has already earned its reputation. When compared with other hardwood like oak bamboos growth and harvest is much faster. Bamboo is one of the renewable resources on the earth. It will send new shoots every day without replanting. To survive bamboo doesn’t need fertilizers and pesticides.

Affordable Price

Bamboo wood come at a competitive price when compared with other wood on the market. This is a low cost material that has a great advantage over other types of wood veneers. Get wood veneers from Woodzone, Wood Company in UAE. 


This wood requires only less or little maintenance. It requires dusting with a cloth or cleaning with a moist cloth just like cleaning any other wood surface. As time passes bamboo will adapt to the weather and temperature. It develops a natural shine as time passes. Since bamboo does not rust or accumulate mold easily due to its natural dust, you do not need to worry whether you live in a warm area.


The furniture designers and other workers have come up with many innovative designs using bamboo wood. They can be used to make a variety of styles and finishing. Bamboo wood will rarely shrink due to atmospheric changes.

Finding Out the Best Retailer

Whenever you plan to buy bamboo wood make sure to consult with best-sellers like Woodzone, Timber Suppliers in Dubai. If you are looking for high-quality wood connect with us. You need to know a thing if you are planning to buy bamboo wood. When going for purchasing wood, connect with a reputable seller. There are many fake bamboos in the market, be cautious and buy the best original wood. Consider the durability and sturdiness of the wood before buying because it is so important. Purchase the best Bamboo Wood Veneer from Woodzone Timbers. We are the best retailers in the market with good experience in identifying good and natural bamboo wood.