Why Veneer Is Better Than Solid Wood?

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Are you planning to do the interior of your house? Confused about which type of wood to use? Veneers give a royal feel to your home after all the finishing touches. No other wood will give you a perfect finish like veneers. Veneers are thin sheets that are about 0.4mm to 2.5mm thick. Usually, this is bonded with a substrate such as MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), particle board, or plywood. Let us see the reasons why veneer sheets should be used for making Veneer Furniture.

What Furniture To Choose: Solid Wood or Veneer

Nowadays solid woods are less frequently used in construction and furniture making for many reasons.  The solid woods are the raw materials and the veneered wood is bonded to a little substrate.  When comparing the price of solid wood and veneer wood, the price of solid wood is higher when compared to veneer products of the same application. Most of the luxurious residents use solid wood to make furniture and interior with the hope that it will last longer. You can get the same effect of solid wood on Veneer Furniture too. 

Why Are Wood Veneer Prices So Different?

Wood veneers are made from trees that usually grow faster. There are some trees that grow quickly and are found in abundance. Some of the trees like ebony, and rosewood are the most expensive wood. It takes about 20 to 200 years to get matured. The more common veneers used in Veneer Furniture today are oak, maple, cherry, and walnut. To know about the price contact Woodzone, Veneer Suppliers in UAE.

Different Patterns & Cuts of Veneer

Various patterns appear on the veneer due to the way the log is cut in order to create the veneer sheet. Let us see some of the common types of available veneer cuts,

  • Rotary cut: The blade cutting along the circumference of the log. 
  • Quarter cut: The wood is cut into quarters and sliced perpendicular to the log rings. 
  • Rift cut: Creating accentuated lines, the quarter-cut log is cut across the log rings.
  • Crown cut: In a half cut log, the growth rings are cut parallel and at an angle with the center of the log.
  • Half-round cut: Blade running across a half cut log.

Veneer Matching and Construction

You know what a veneer is, they are thin sheets. These thin sheets are often joined using glue or other methods to create a work surface. Veneers can be used to make different Veneer Furniture and let us see different cuts of veneer and joining types,

  • Book matching
  • Slip & reverse matching
  • Random match
  • Quarter matching

Some of the high-end products require joins like,

  • V match
  • Herringbone
  • Sunburst

As a popular Wood Suppliers in UAE, Woodzone Timbers have different types of veneers that can match your expectations and requirements. We have experts to tell you about the best type of wood. Get in touch with us, clear your queries, and know more.