Wood Species For Producing Natural Veneer

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When you are building a house make sure to use less wood and make your home eco-friendly with wood veneers. With natural veneer sheets, you can present beautiful, environment-friendly, and enduring surface solutions for a variety of applications. Veneers are a cost-effective alternative to hardware that can give a premium appeal to your home or office. A wide range of Natural Veneer Sheets in Dubai designs is available using different types of wood species. Natural veneer sheets are cut from different log species to attain a range of grains, colors, effects, and contrasts. In this blog, Woodzone Timbers, Wood Company in UAE, will give you a detailed idea about the popular tree species that are used to manufacture wood veneers.

Natural Wood Veneers


Wood Oak is mostly used to make furniture for a lot of reasons. Oaks are highly resistant to rotting compared to other species of wood in the deciduous wood category. This is the most durable wood used to make furniture that can withstand daily wear and tear. It is well-known for producing beautiful interiors and furniture. 

Teak Wood

As one of the strongest woods, teak has exceptional durability and can withstand extreme weather conditions, rot, and warping. Teak is a dense and oily hardwood, a great choice for decades even if it is left untreated. Veneer made of teak is generally golden honey brown in color and gets darker with time to a deep brown color. Teak has a coarse texture and medium porous.


 These Ash Natural Veneer Sheets in Dubai are used to make architectural moulding and millwork, furniture, flooring, cabinetry, tool handles, and natural veneer sheets. This tree has no taste, therefore it is a go-to species for food containers. 


This is the most outstanding wood species for making the most beautiful and durable handmade furniture. The wood is hard, rich, and warm reddish brown wood making it an excellent choice for Natural Veneer Sheets in Dubai.


Walnut wood is strong and stable with many colour tones. The walnut veneer surfaces will last a very long time if given the right care.  The wood of walnut is harder than many other types of softwood. So that they can withstand the wear and tear caused by daily use. 

Woodzone Timbers, Timber Suppliers in Dubai will bring you premium quality Natural Veneer Sheets in Dubai. Being the leading manufacturer of veneer and reconstituted veneer we offer you a wide range of wood species including exotic ones. Choose the best natural veneer according to your requirements.