Few Reasons Why Veneer is a Great Interior Material

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There are several factors that contribute to the ultimate look of a finished product in the modern era. Various uses and functions call for various varieties of finishing materials. Among the most commonly applied finishing materials is veneer. Natural and eco-friendly, a veneer is most commonly applied in both residential and commercial construction. In addition, the door, furniture, or any other surface looks better with veneer. John Wiley and Sons describe veneer as an extremely slender layer of fine wood used to enfold a wood surface with a delicate grade of a sheet that gives it an aesthetically pleasing look. The veneer is an extremely thin piece of treated wood and is classified as sliced or rotary cut ones. There are two techniques for slicing veneer, namely rotary cutting and veneer slicing machines. About 90% or more of the veneers are cut using the first method. 

The slices of wood, once being sliced, incorporate a warm, natural appearance when used on surfaces. They are commonly used for furniture and panelling and are regarded among the best choices for residential usage. The market today provides a wide variety of veneers that are also utilised for wall panelling as well. 

Veneer thickness is a determining factor in how durable it will be. Its durability increases with its thickness. In addition, the thickness determines whether or not the damage can be repaired. In the market today, you can find various kinds of shades, colours, and textures. It is the most cost-effective manner to use timber. It also can be effortlessly recycled when no longer needed. Veneers have finishes based on water and oil. Additionally, they look good with lacquer finishes as well. Since they are natural products, they have a class of their own that is durable when compared to laminates and can also be polished to your specifications. Therefore, veneer is what it claims to be-the best and Incomparable in furniture and related works in which it’s impossible to use solid work because of its expansion and contraction attributable to the variation of climate and moisture in the environment.

It’s a smooth surface that is very sharp and warm to the touch and adds a unique character to the natural grain that makes it look like real wood.

Veneer has an extremely sharp and warm finish that adds a one-of-a-kind character with their natural grain and goes a long way to achieving a more attractive appearance and a feel of natural wood. It goes a long way to attaining a blunt edge and finishing a surface with evenness. Typically, it is installed in workplaces, offices at home, conference rooms, reception areas. 

When Should Veneer be Used?

Furniture made of veneer is reasonable and can be availed with ease. Rather than being harvested, it goes through the process of assembling after being manufactured. 

Many pieces can be designed to look like non-native species of wood which can’t be found in many solid wood collections. An even and steady finish can be achieved with veneer. Additions to a previously decorated room are quite easier to match.

They are often polished & coloured to attain the desired variety, tint and grain that goes well with the theme of the design. 

Owing to the durability and sturdiness, veneers last longer in contrast to solid wood. Due to its lasting nature, it remains intact for at least 15 years whether it is correctly maintained. 

Because it is sustainable, it is both environmental and ecologically friendly. Several veneer slices can be made from a single log of wood, increasing its cost efficiency and efficiency. Additionally, it can be reinforced with a wood board or a plywood board can be used to attain the intended sturdiness within the entire budget.


Why Each Veneer Appearance Is Unique

Like for an individual tree, each veneer has a unique look. It is impossible to find the same tree over once in nature, which means that even within same-species wood, there can be variation in tint, shade, and pattern.

Light has an impact on its colour and shade, giving it a warmer appearance. The variety of imitations of various kinds of wood has made it hard for people to distinguish between the genuine natural product and its imitations. It has a unique structure that sets it apart from other materials. The colour that improves the look of wood, and the possibility to repair and renovate are a few of its benefits that distinguish the actual from the imitation products. Wood is one of the few living materials. The tinctures, textures, structural variations, growth patterns, namely notches, distinguish from woods of other types


Uses of Wood Veneer in Interiors 

In interiors, wood veneer is used in a variety of ways. Among its many applications are homes, buildings, hotels, offices, and many other construction areas. Moreover, it is used to craft a range of products, including pliable veneer sheets, cabinets, parquet, boards, and wallpapers. There are several varieties available. Veneers are one of the most typical decorative materials used for ceilings, surface carpentry, furniture, walls and many other applications.

Varieties of Veneer Substrate

Based on their applications, veneer substrates can be divided into three key categories. The timber is sliced from the log, and then fixed over one of the below choices:

Paper Backed Veneer

Paperbacked veneer which is glued by a paper backing it up. Typically, this veneer type is used to match curves or attach curves, since it ensures that the veneer will not break or suffer any other type of damage. Interior columns and automatic dashboards feature paper backed veneer.

Wood-on-wood Veneer 

Veneers are glued over another veneer to keep them in place when it comes to wood on wood veneer. The veneer used on the back is of poor grade because it cannot be seen. Decorative interior furnishings of this kind are typical in offices and apartments. To ensure maximum sturdiness, the grain on the wood on the hind end is moved in the opposite direction to that of the ornamental portion.

Phenolic Backed Veneer 

Plastic supports the phenolic-backed veneer, which has a quite pleasant and decorative veneer on the front. This kind of veneer has a benefit in that the back is waterproof since it is crafted out of plastic. Similar to paper-backed veneer, phenolic backed veneer also bends and is not entirely the same. The best part is that it can be sliced with a knife and on the other hand, a hand router/table saw is required for other veneer surfaces. A veneer of this type is primarily utilised in interior decorating.


Final Thoughts 

To sum up, Veneer is a completely finished surface material. Typically, it is used in residential and commercial environments, it is eco friendly and natural. It improves the appearance of the surface or furniture making it straightforward to sell. It serves as the perfect part of the furniture when there is no use of wood. Most of the time, it is used in homes for furniture and panels. Such materials are a great way to get the intended look on a tight budget.

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